Modernity Meets Tradition
Yangon is a bustling and dynamic city undergoing rapid development. Local food flavor rs are vibrant from the ubiquitous food stands to world-class restaurants. The art scene is flourishing in galleries from Pandsodan Street right to the renowned Strand Hotel. Yangon’s architecture is a fusion of contemporary and colonial style, and, fun fact- Yangon is home to the most colonial buildings still standing in Southeast Asia!
Yangon & Surroundings...

Yangon is the major city in Myanmar; until 2006 it was the capital city and then the seat of government was moved to Nay Pyi Taw.  Yangon remains the most important commercial city and most tourists will begin and end their journey in Yangon.

A place where modernity meets tradition – the energy in Yangon is palpable. It is a bustling and dynamic city undergoing rapid development. Busy streets are lined with food vendors at all times of day, and tasting different flavors of the street food will the be a highlight of any trip to Yangon.

The iconic attraction of the city is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a 98-metre-high stupa whose golden glow can be seen throughout the city.  There are many other stunning buildings as well, in fact, Yangon has more colonial architecture than any other city in South East Asia.

Yangon has a fascinating history, and one of the many walking tours around the downtown area is a good place to get a crash course. Yangon was originally a small fishing village called Dagon, after the Shwe Dagon Pagoda. In 1755, King Alungpaya unified the country and renamed the capital Yangon. Yangon is a combination of two words Yan meaning enemies and Gon meaning “run out” so its often translated as “end of strife.”

  • A visit to the jaw-dropping, gilded Shwedagon Pagoda
  • Dinner on 19th street
  • A stroll through BogyokeAung San Market
  • A leisurely walk around Kandawgyi Lake
  • Tea at the iconic Strand Hotel
  • A guided walking tour of the city
  • A ride around Yangon on the circle train
  • Walking around Kandawgyi Lake
  • A ferry ride across the city to Dala and a trishaw ride around the city

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