The forgotten kingdom
This ancient kingdom, tucked away in northern Rakhine State, is one of Myanmar’s most splendid hidden gems. Mrauk Oo means “Monkey’s Egg,” derived from old Arakan (Rakhine) legend.
Mrauk Oo...

This mystical city was once the capital of the Rakhine Kingdom – the remains that exist today give us a hint of the prosperity and greatness that exists in times gone by. Now Mrauk Oo attracts visitors to its concealed landscape, home to hundreds of centuries-old temples, old moats, reservoirs and city gates, forgotten by time.

Locals claim Mrauk Oo is as magnificent as Bagan, simply more hidden and harder to get to. To reach the site, visitors must travel by boat or car from Sittwe (where flights from Yangon and other parts of Myanmar land).

Visitors can also explore various Chin villages on the Lemro River. In these villages, some of the older women have peculiar spiderweb tattoos covering their faces.

From Mrauk Oo to Sitwe a local public ferry is available over the Kaladan River, which offers stunning views of the surrounding fields and mountains in the distance. Because the banks on both sides are very low the cruise offers an excellent opportunity to watch daily life passing by while sitting in a comfortable chair and sipping a drink.

  • A visit to the eerie halls of the Shittaung Pagoda
  • Getting a taste of spicy, fresh Rakhine food, including the region’s famous papaya salad
  • Taking a day trip to meet members of a nearby Chin village, the community known for unique face tattoos and piercings
  • A guided tour of the temples by bike – the area is relatively flat and getting around by bicycle is a fun, easy way to see the site.

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