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Myanmar is home to the most exotic and culturally magnificent beaches in the world...

Beaches in Myanmar...

Myanmar’s premier coastal resort is Ngapali Beach. It is a picture of paradise: miles of empty white sand beaches lined with tall coconut palms. Resort hotels offer visitors the chance to swim, sail, kayak and feast on lobster and prawn by candlelight as the sun sinks into the Bay of Bengal. The neighbouring town of Thandwe has a large market offering traditional pottery, basketry and woven goods apart from the usual fresh produce and fish.

The most recent discovery on the west coast is Ngwe Saung Beach. This 14.5-kilometre stretch of coastline offers pure white sand, an unspoiled backdrop of lush forests, groves of palm trees and a new crop of oceanfront luxury hotels. The islands and villages in the vicinity are excellent places to explore for those who want to have a sense of local life.

Or for a more adventurous beach trip, try a diving and boating excursion to explore the wonders of the Myeik Archipelago. Whatever kind of beach you seek, Myanmar has what you need.


  • Stretch out on Myanmar’s white sand beach in Ngapali off the Bay of Bengal
  • Relax on Ngwe Saung’s soft sand, taking dips in the turquoise waters, or cycling to the idyllic town
  • Visit Chaung Tha beach for a picturesque & affordable getaway
  • Explore the richly diverse beauty of Myeik and the Mergui Archipelago


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