Buddhism & Temples


Buddhism is the most represented religion in Myanmar: over 80% of the population practices the Theravada branch of this ancient religion! Because Myanmar is considered to be one of the most devout Buddhist nations in the world, Buddhism is a central part of any traveler’s visit to Myanmar.

Pagodas and temples dot Myanmar’s landscapes, from city centers to remote islands and mountaintops. Understanding and discovering Buddhist culture may be done with guided tours of pagodas or even a mere walk through any town. Must-see temples include Yangon’s glittering Shwedagon Pagoda and¬†Bagan’s thousands of ancient structures. Since Buddhism is such an integral part of life in Myanmar, travelers¬†will learn and practice the traditions associated with the religion, such as meditation and the removal of shoes before entering a temple. Ask your tour operator about options for discovering more about Buddhism in Myanmar during your trip.

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