Culture in Myanmar

With more than 130 distinct ethnic groups, Myanmar has a wealth of different cultures, each with its own set of traditions: from cuisine and dress to celebration, faith and occupation. Visitors are welcome to discover Myanmar’s diversity of traditions and are urged to do so responsibly to help foster cultural understanding and create lasting bonds.


Myanmar’s food has a special identity beloved by locals. Although its neighboring countries influence the cuisine, the food does not directly resemble Thai, Indian or Chinese food. A typical Myanmar meal is arranged around rice with accompanying dishes of fish or meat. Salads are a popular side dish as well.

Language Lessons

Language Lessons
Language lessons are offered in most of Myanmar’s larger cities in Myanmar like Yangon, Mandalay and Malawmyine. Experienced Myanmar language teachers instruct the courses: you can learn the basics or dive into intensive classes- the choice is yours! Speak with your tour operator about...

Meditation Retreats

Meditation is an important facet of Theravada Buddhism and is widely practiced among Myanmar’s faithful Buddhists. Meditation retreats are available to tourists and are relaxing and spiritual ways to enjoy part of your holiday while learning about one of Myanmar’s special traditions.

Buddhism & Temples

Buddhism & Temples
Buddhism is the most represented religion in Myanmar: over 80% of the population practices it. For this reason, Buddhism is a central part of a visit to Myanmar. Pagodas and temples dot the landscapes, from city centers to remote islands and mountaintops. Understanding and discovering Buddhist culture....


How to be a responsible traveller i...

How to be a responsible traveller in Myanmar
Responsible tourism in Myanmar is accessible and affordable through staying in guesthouses, eating in locally owned restaurants, hiring Burm...

Mrauk U – temples without tou...

Mrauk U – temples without tourists
I’m following a monk bushwhacking his way uphill in western Myanmar. Seriously? This is my life? I grinned for the zillionth time in Mrauk...

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